Maths Tuition  

Using our own teaching resources developed by our team of maths specialists, our maths tuition is fully aligned with the national curriculum and meets requirements of entrance exams such as the 11plus. Some key topics include; the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), algebra, angles, shape, space and measure, roman numerals and many more. 
Many students who seek support in maths lack confidence in their abilities. Our friendly team of tutors work with each child to help build their confidence by covering basics where needed, from which to further build upon, and going through concepts as many times as needed for the student. Our learners thrive in our supported learning environment and are able to meet their learning needs, whether that is to feel more confident at school or get the best grades in upcoming exams. 
For more information or a FREE assessment simply call us on 01234 480949 or click below to contact us. 


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