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The surgeon is the mother 
Brain Teaser
If 1.5 hens lay 1.5 eggs in 1.5 days, it must be that one hen would lay one egg in the same time period: 1.5 days. Now, if one hen lays one egg in 1.5 days, it means that one hen would lay only ⅔ of an egg in one day. So the answer is ⅔ of an egg. 
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Brain teaser
His Son 
The phrase "my father's son" can only refer to the host himself, since he has no brother. So the quotation is equivalent to "That man's father is me." 
Brain teaser by Marvellous Minds Tuition
Three minutes 
Brain Teaser
Brain Teaser
11 cartons 
This is worked out 
7 large cartons (7 x 8 = 56 boxes) 
4 small cartons (4 x 10 = 40 boxes) 
11 cartons - 96 boxes 
Brain Teaser
Adam, Brad, George, Jenny 
Brain teaser
After 3 socks have been selected, you will have two of the same colour 
Brain Teaser
The answer is (AxB) (A+B) 
So 6 X 3= (6x3) = 18  
(6+3) = 9 
Brain teaser
Brain teaser
To get the result you would add the following number to the last result, 20+5=25, 25+6=31 and so on. So what about the answer? 38+9=47? Well it could be, if the rule was to add the last result to the next number. However, 8 is missing. So if the rule was to add the previous result to the next ascending number, to get the right answer you would have to first solve 38+8=46 and then 46+9=55 
Brain Teaser
C. Teresa's Daughter 
Brain Teaser
If the first exampe is 1=11, then 
11 must equal 1 
Brain Teaser
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