Top education Toys Christmas 2019
Deciding which toys are most valuable to buy can be daunting and above all confusing! The best gifts for children are those that withstand the test of time, that they will continue to enjoy long after boxing day. We believe the best toys are those which are aesthetically pleasing to children, are robust and durable and above all inspire creativity and learning. 
We have selected a few of our favourite educational Christmas gifts of 2019, which we believe promote both creativity and learning in the three core subjects, Maths, English and Science. All of the below are STEAM toys/ activities, meaning they combine aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. Your little learners will love these specially selected gifts. 
Top 3 gifts to inspire Magnificent Mathematicians: 
1. Funtime - Magnetic Dart Board: John Lewis £15 
What an amazing way to learn, not only maths, but a new skill! Darts requires players to make on the spot calculations. This game can also help children to improve their hand-eye coordination. An amazing activity for your child to play independently, with friends, or the whole family. 
Marvellous rating: 5/5 
2. ZooBooKoo - Dude Dice: Bright Minds £7.99 
A brilliant pocket size game – the perfect stocking filler! Roll the dice and complete the sum. The player with the largest answer gets to win one of the ‘dude’ figurines. Coincides with the National Curriculum and helps children practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Also available as ‘Cupcake Dice’ and ‘Dino Dice’ and at different levels. 
Marvellous rating: 4/5 
3. Learning Resources - Calculator Cash Register: Bright Minds £34.99 
An award winning toy cash register perfect for learning maths whilst using imagination. It has oversized buttons – perfect for little hands! No batteries are required for it’s solar powered calculator. Also included is a large bag of play coins and notes, a play credit card, pad of paper and an activity guide. A super fun and worthwhile investment! 
Marvellous rating: 5/5 
Top 3 gifts to inspire Amazing Authors: 
1. Thiago de Moraes – Myth Atlas: WH Smith £13.29 
More than just an atlas. This book allows your child to step into twelve magical mythological worlds. Explore how twelve fascinating cultures pictured the world, from Japan to Egypt. Along the way you will meant a plethora of monsters, heroes, gods and many more mythological creatures. A great resource to encourage wider learning, whilst also improving reading skills. A magnificent Atlas book that will appeal to both children and their parents. 
Marvellous rating: 5/5 
2. Rory’s - Story Cubes Voyages: Bright Minds £11.99 
A set of 9 cubes, which are illustrated with 54 different images to inspire stories of far off lands. Simply throw the dice and use the images for a creative writing task, or to narrate a story based on what you can see. Become an adventurous explorer searching far off lands for treasure chests and castles – but watch out for the snakes, skeletons and dinosaurs! Rory’s also have many other story cube sets allowing endless creative possibilities. Why not collect them all? 
Marvellous rating: 4/5 
3. Rebel Girls - Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: WH Smith £14.00 
This award-winning Children’s story book is a refreshingly modern take on the generic fairy tale routine. Illustrated by sixty different female artists from all over the world, translated into over 40 different languages, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls allows you to explore the extraordinary stories of one hundred different remarkable women from past and present. Uncover true stories about real heroines, such as Cleopatra, Malala Yousafzai and Michelle Obama. 
Marvellous rating: 5/5 
Top 3 gifts to inspire Spectacular Scientists: 
1. Cambridge Brainbox - 500 Secondary 2 Electronics Kit: Bright Minds £49.99 
This amazing electronics kit contains over 500 experiments! This kit is suitable for 11-14 year olds and follows the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum in Science and also Design and Technology. Included in the set are multiple worksheets, experiments and software to transform your computer into an oscilloscope, so you can see the wave forms produced by the circuits you build! Cambridge Brainbox also have a primary version of this kit, suitable for younger children. 
Marvellous rating: 5/5 
2. Thames and Kosmos - Little Labs, Stars and Planets: Bright Minds £14.99 
A super kit containing multiple experiments which answer all your little one’s cosmic questions. The kit includes an activity book full of step by step instructions to each experiment and plenty of fun facts, a moon phase flick book, a knowledge wheel, a moving solar system guide, a star tube and a model Earth. Children will learn to build a simple solar system and see if plants can grow on Earth, Venus and Mars! A superb gift – suitable for children 5 and above. 
Marvellous rating: 4/5 
3. Creativity for Kids – Grow and Glow Terrarium: Amazon £19.99 
A creative STEAM activity, encouraging both Science and Art skills. The kit includes a plastic mason jar, decorative lid, potting mix, organic chia and wheat grass seeds, garden figurines, decorative sand, river stones and a plant mister. Children can add glow in the dark stickers to their terrarium, so it can also function as a nightlight. A perfect way for your child to create their own Eco-system and learn about plant life cycles. A great way to connect to the natural world! 
Marvellous rating: 4/5 
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