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With some year groups going back to school next week and others set to follow in a couple of weeks, we are seeing an increase in enquiries from parents who are looking for tuition support for their children. This is commonly to help those students who have struggled with homeschooling and perhaps fallen behind where they should be or lost motivation for their studies. Other parents are looking for help to ensure their child can quickly catch up when back at school and many parents are now starting to either think about, or step up, preparation for entrance exams such as the 11 plus. Regardless of the reason for seeking tuition, we are here to help. 
As of next week we will be continuing to offer our online timetable of classes as well as resuming in-house classes at our centre. If you are interested in enrolling your child with us we would usually recommend the steps outlined below. 


1. Give us a call 
Give us a call to discuss your child's tuition needs and the support we can offer. In this initial phone conversation we will ask questions about your child's current academic level, what they are doing well with and what they may be finding difficult. We will discuss educational goals and what you are looking to get out of the tuition. Once we have a good understanding of your child's needs we will recommend the best course of action. This is an opportunity to ask any questions from us as well to get an initial understanding of what we offer and how we can help. 
2. Assessment or trial lesson 
Before joining our lessons we would recommend an assessment or trial for any new student. The assessment is usually offered to primary students and takes around an hour. In the assessment, which can be conducted online or at our centre, your child will work through some topics in the subject(s) they are looking for help in with one of our tutors. The assessments are kept fun and informal and are offered as an opportunity for your child to get a feel for the tutor and the style of teaching, but they are also useful in giving us an understanding of how your child is doing academically so that we can best help. 
For students in secondary school we would usually recommend a trial lesson. Your child can join one of our classes in the subject(s) they are interested in to experience the teaching and structure of the class. 
3. Assessment/trial lesson feedback 
We will of course be able to give you feedback on how your child got on in the assessment or trial lesson and we will answer any questions you have. Once you have had feedback on how your child got on we will discuss our recommendations for tuition and show you the different courses and memberships we offer. We will show you our timetable and the availbility we have and book your child in for their regular lessons once we have decided on start date. You will also be given a copy of our terms and conditions. 
If you are starting lessons at the centre your child will also get a tour of the centre and be given a study kit. Our Marvellous Minds study kit is branded and includes a bag with a folder, which students write their name on, and a pen. The work students do in our classes as well as any homework we set go in our students' folders. Please note that during the Covid pandemic we will ask that students bring in as little as possible when they come to our classes so folders and bags must stay at home. 
4. Let the fun begin! 
Your child is now a Marvellous Minds member and ready to start their learning with us. Usually children attend the same lessons every week, however for any missed lessons we offer a 30 day catch up period, making it easy to ensure no learning is missed. We run our lessons throughout half-term breaks and school holidays (only closing on bank holidays) and there are often fun additional school holiday sessions on offer which are offered at a discounted rate to our members. 
We believe that communication and collaboaration between us and the families we work with are key in ensuring children get the best out of their tuition. To this extent we offer regular feedback from our tutors as well as in-depth parent meetings once every six week. This allows you to be up-to-speed on your child's learning and progress at all times. 
If you are interested in finding out more about our tuition do not hesitate to contact us on 01234 480 949. 




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