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With the new academic year upon us students as well as parents may have mixed feelings about returning to school and its associated routines and many parents are now turning their attention to ways they can help prepare their child to return to school. 
Transitioning back to school can be quite overwhelming, especially while the pandemic is still ongoing and many students have gaps in their learning from previous school closures. This is why if you are looking for ways to prepare your child and help them re-gain confidence in the classroom you have come to the right place! 
- Is your child nervous or negative about their return to school? Redirect the focus to help your child feel excited, i.e. What if you make new friends? What if you have a really good time? 
- Transition them back into their routine and sleep patterns. Sleep is important and makes a huge difference in your ability to perform well at school. 
- Prepare stationery and uniforms in time for their return to school (including those never-ending name tags) 
alongside any additional revision resources and a calendar! A calendar allows you to stay organised with important dates and also gives you clearer vision to create a oversight of drop-offs, pick-ups and activitie, or a study plan for older students who need to revise for upcoming exams, 
- Ask questions that elicit positive memories about school, e.g. a time they felt proud, memories with friends, the positive feeling they get when they achieve an accomplishment. 
- Explore the exciting things that lie ahead! E.g. which friends are they excited to see again? Are they going on any school trips or taking part in any new clubs? 
Feel welcome to reach out to us if you would like support during this new academic year and best of luck! 
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