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Posts from September 2020

Wellbeing for Education Return Programme
At Marvellous Minds Tuition we are passionate about developing our student's writing skills. That's why we cover Creative Writing as part of our in-house English curriculum and also run regular Creative Writing workshops with local schools and libraries. 
Recently our students have been busy using fun and imaginative ideas and literary devices to help add flair to their writing. We have listed some ideas below for writing tasks your child can enjoy getting stuck in to!  
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 
Charlie is adding a new room to his chocolate factory and you have the golden ticket to see this new and exciting room! 
Describe the weird and wonderful inventions you can find in this room. Remember to think about the five senses. What can you see, smell, hear, taste and touch? 
We would like to see you use some lovely adjectives and descriptive writing. Please also use some literary devices such as similes. * 
*This exercise can be adjusted depending on a student's age group and level. It can also be linked to relevant learning objective such as use of grammar like verb, adverb, conjunctions, punctuation or watever else you would like your studens to develop and use. 
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