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We are into week 7 of lockdown now and many of us will have experienced feelings of boredom, fatigue and a lack of energy. Mental health has also been adversely affected for many people. While we all understand the benefits of keeping physically active (Joe Wicks daily challenges anyone?) it is also extremely important to keep our minds stimulated and engaged, particularly for children who are being home educated at the moment. 
One effective way to insure that we stay on top of our cognitive health is to give our mind a workout. Brain teasers and puzzles have been shown to boost brain activity, reducing the feeling of boredom, the risk of dementia and improving concentration, memory and processing speed. Safe to say regular brain teasers and puzzles will do our brains the world of good! 
There is a wide range of brain teasers and puzzles available and the great thing about them is that they can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter how young or old. Some common brain puzzles that you have no doubt come across are crosswords, Sudoku, rebus puzzles and Rubik's cube. Other types of popular brain teasers include riddles and word problems and we can also give our brain, or our children's, a workout by assembling puzzles at home or playing lego. 
At Marvellous Minds we have been posting regular brain teasers on our Facebook page as well as here on our website. Do have a go at solving them and let us know how you get on! 
We would love to hear what you think of brain teasers and puzzles. Have you been doing them lately? Do you enjoy them? What other activities do you think can help keep our minds stimulated? 
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