Motivate children over Christmas
For those who celebrate Christmas, it is perhaps the most exciting time of year for children. A break from school, the excitement of all the festive cheer and quality time spent with friends and family. Most children do not want to think about their Maths homework, or the English essay that is due the first day back to school! Not to mention the children who have their 11+, or mock GCSE exams in January! And who can blame them? We all want to relax and have fun at this time of year. So, is it possible to educate your children and allow them to enjoy Christmas in full, at the same time? 
For children with homework to complete, or who must continue to prepare for January exams that loom over the festive break, it is important not to make this seem like a chore. Don’t be a Scrooge! Here are some top tips for successful Christmas revision: 
Little and often is the motto. Encourage your children to realise how much time they have on their hands when they are not at school. Normally they spend up to 7 hours at school a day. So, spending only half an hour revising each/ every other morning is practically nothing! 
Set some achievable goals and stick to them. If your child recognises that they have been struggling with Algebra at school. Why not aim to master this topic over the Christmas holidays? A focus and makes everything seem manageable. 
Chanel the Festive Feeling into your child’s work. Use a Christmas text to practise comprehension. It will still be comprehension, but a little more interesting at least. 
Plan some treats! Remind your child of all the fun things they will get to do over the Christmas break, perhaps watching their favourite Christmas film, or making some homemade mince pies. Provide an incentive to revise and make room for more fun. 
If your children are lucky enough to escape the heaps of homework and the impending doom of exams, you may still be worried that they will start to forget all their hard work from the Autumn term. It is possible to encourage your children to learn in a fun way, without even realising! Here are some top tips for fun and educational Christmas activities: 
Use Christmas recipes to practise maths. Lots of children love baking and not only do they learn practical skills and creativity – baking can be a great way to practice maths. Recipes combine both numbers and words, creating real life maths problems!! Perhaps you need to double or halve the recipe? Sounds like multiplication and division to me! 
Get your children to help write your Christmas cards. A great way to practise handwriting and spelling! An adorable Christmas sentiment that friends and family will enjoy. 
Encourage those letters to Santa! Writing down their wish lists in a formal letter is great practice. They must convince and explain to Santa that they are deserving… a letter of persuasion! 
Provoke conversations about how Christmas is celebrated around the world, or how Christmas was celebrated in the past. Provide an opportunity for your children to develop cultural awareness and appreciate different lifestyles. 
Enjoy board games with friends and family. Family favourites such as Scrabble are great educational tools. You can even encourage children to use dictionaries whilst playing to check the definition or validity of words! 
It is possible to continue learning over Christmas and have fun whilst doing so! Involve yourself as much as possible in your child’s learning and, most importantly, show them that it can be fun. 
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