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We hope you are well and staying safe. 
As you will know, the government has advised that schools and other educational settings such as our private tuition centre are likely to open again on 1st June. This has not yet been fully confirmed but in line with the government advice we are preparing to reopen our private tuition centre on 1st June. 
The safety of our students and staff will be of highest priority when we do reopen and we are carrying out a thorough risk assessment to ensure our centre is a safe learning space. 

Private Tuition Centre Reopening 

Some of the measures we will take in ensuring everyone's safety are outlined below. 

Small Classes. 

The government advice is for schools and other educational settings to have classes of no more than 15 students. At Marvellous Minds Tuition our classes are always smaller than this and we will now be reducing them even further to aim for social distancing between students wherever possible. 

Ensuring Hygiene Standards. 

The centre will be sanitized before opening and at the end of every day. We will also disinfect surfaces, toilets and any stationery and equipment throughout the day. There will be a hand sanitizing station at reception for students at arrival and we will encourage regular hand washing for anyone who is at the centre. 

Stationery and Educational Materials. 

We will ask that students bring in their own stationery such as pen or pencil and eraser. The minimum stationery required should be brought in and students should keep a hold of it throughout the session. There will be no sharing between students. If a student forgets to bring in stationery we will allocate this at the beginning of the session. 

Lesson Times and Drop Off/Pick Up. 

The start and finish times of our in-house lessons will be staggered to limit interaction between students. Parents will be asked to drop off and pick up outside the centre wherever possible. For younger students we will allow one parent in reception at any time. Feedback from tutors after lessons will be communicated through email and over the phone. 

Booking of lessons. 

It will be essential to book the lessons you would like your child to attend, including any catch up lessons. This is so that we can plan accordingly and keep our class sizes small. 

Displaying Symptoms. 

As before lockdown, we will obviously ask that anyone with symptoms of Covid-19, or anyone who is from a household where anyone is displaying symptoms, self-isolates and does not attend classes at the centre. 
We are confident that with the understanding and help of everyone in strictly adhering to these guidelines we can keep the centre a safe learning space. That said, we appreciate that not everyone will want to or be able to send their child in for lessons from 1st June. We will therefore continue to offer our online timetable to anyone who prefers this option. 
For those who do want to resume their regular in-house lessons at the centre, we will offer a new exciting timetable. 
As schools in the UK will only open for certain year groups, we appreciate that many parents are looking for educational support and even childcare for those children who won't be attending school yet and we are here to help. We will be bringing our Summer School forward, running a timetable of educational fun for students of all age groups throughout the days, which will be offered from when we reopen. Morning and afternoon slots will be available and these classes will of course also be kept small. More details will follow over the next few days. 
If you have any questions about the reopening or any of our classes do not hesitate to contact us. 
We look forward to hearing from you. 

The Marvellous Minds Tuition team 

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