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It is no secret that screens have occupied much of children's lives lately and remote learning has become a common way of accessing educaiton for children across the UK and further afield. 
Learning remotely certainly has many benefits but it also brings some challenges. One of the main difficulties is the lack of social interaction which in turn can have a negative impact on a student's motivation. For younger students in particular, who are used to an activity based curriculum and way of learning remote learning can be very challenging. This is a problem most teachers have faced and to overcome it there has been a need to implement some creative techniques and a flexible approach to planning and conducting online lessons and setting remote learning tasks. 
We have listed below some of the ways in which teachers can make remote learning fun and engaging for their students. 
Theme Days 
Having a theme for a lesson can help make it fun and keep students on track with their learning. The theme could be centered around what they are learning or it could involve something like choosing a colour for the children and the teacher to wear, a discussion around the books children have read or a family day where children can send in and discuss photos of their family members 
Hands on Learning 
Learning virtually is so much more fun and effective when children have a hands-on opportunity to learn. This is particularly the case for younger ones. Learning numbers and adding up does not need to just include learning through a screen, children could be asked to use different objects that can be found around the house for adding up for instance. At Marvellous Minds one of our youngest remote students Jenesa recently completed a fact sheet about Asian Elephants which she had been learning about with her tutor. Using a large baord to write down facts and stick on printed pictures of elephants made the task more fun and creative. 
Virtual Field Trips  
Learning about a place? Why not take a virtual field trip to that place. A good virtual field trip can be the second best to option to being there IRL and there is no need to worry about the weather, travel arrangements for getting there and back and other logistical challenges. Next time children are learning about places why not access one of the many virtual field trips online and let the students get immersed in the activity. 
Using Music in Lessons 
Music has the ability to alter one's mood and change the atmosphere anywhere. Why not use this tool to liven things up in the online classroom! Teachers can play a song at the beginning of every lesson and take it in turn and let students pick their favourite song.  
We would love to hear about your experiences about remote learning! 
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