Support your child with homework
With summer coming to an end, and the new term starting, students and parents can expect the familiar demands of homework yet again. Homework can be stressful, and research shows that parents can struggle supporting their children with homework. If homework is the cause for tension in your household, then read on for some helpful tips. 
Create Space 
Ensure that there is a place for your child to complete their homework, whether that be in their room or in a communal space. Let them have some ownership of this space, so when homework becomes a bigger part of their life as they get older they are able to cope better by knowing they have a space to learn that they are comfortable with. This could simply be putting up a poster, getting a comfy chair or getting some nice stationary, it doesn’t always have to be their own private spectacular space. 
Be Positive 
Positivity will create a better learning environment than that of one which is negative. Positively parent and praise your child so they can reach their potential. It can be difficult to stay positive but, keep calm and ensure your child sees you as a support to them. 
Let them make mistakes, as telling your child the right answer is not going to support their learning. Encourage discussion and questioning to promote learning. Making mistakes is how you learn. 
Is there ever a right time for homework – some students prefer doing it straight away, whereas some like to unwind first then complete it. There is no right way, just what works best. Scheduling the time is important so that children know what is expected and when. 
It is important to consider the impact of food on the brain. For students to avoid difficulty concentrating it is best to ensure blood sugar levels are balanced. Avoid high sugary snacks and instead opt for brain foods, such as blueberries. This should provide optimum concentration and keep the crabbiness at bay. 
If your child is struggling with any aspects of their learning, then we are here to help. We offer tuition in Maths, English and Science and the work we do with our students follows the national curriculum and transfers straight back into the classroom. To discuss your child’s needs and the ways in which we can help, contact us on 01234 480949. 
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