Home education during Covid-19
Millions of school children across the UK have been staying at home for the past few weeks due to schools closures imposed by the government during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Parents and carers of school children are therefore suddenly shouldering the responsibility of not only caring for their children during these difficult times, but also managing their children's education. This poses a challenge for many, particularly for those parents who are also trying to manage their own workload. 
Parents will be acutely aware that the role they play now will impact on their children's education for weeks and even months to come and many will be looking for some guidance and help in navigating their new role as 'educators'. So how can parents best help their children not only cope, but thrive with home ecuation? 
In our previous blog post we offered tips on things that parents can incorporate into their new set-up to help facilitate their children's learning. Things such as a routine, helping children to stay connected with friends and relatives, exercise and regular breaks are all important when managing children's learning from home. As many parents and children will now be starting to find their feet in this situation and getting into a productive rythm, some will be looking for activities and resources that will offer further support and stimulation for students. 
Whilst many schools are offering regular work and communication for their students, some parents and children feel that they could benefit from more. There are a number of useful resources available online for parents to try such as BBC Bitesize which offers many excellent learning resources for students aged 5 to 16. Twinkl is another fantastic platform regularly used by teachers and other educators, and they are currently offering a free month's subscription! The gov.uk have also listed recommended resources across all key stages, in line with the National Curriculum, for each subject. 
At Marvellous Minds we are also committed to helping students thrive during this difficult time. We are currently offering all of our usual classes online. Children can connect with our amazing tutors through the user-friendly app Zoom, and get support in English, Maths and Science. We have a range of classes available such as our popular Maths and English Club, SATS, 11+, Secondary Success, Pre-GCSE, GCSE as well as A level tuition. We are also offering drop-in classes for students struggling or needing help with any of the work they have been set by their school. 
We are also offering study packs with bespoke and individually tailored work for students. Our tutors will email or post the work to students, mark the work and offer full feedback. 
If you are looking for help with your child's home education why not give us a call or drop us an email to discuss how we could help? 
Contact us on 01234 480 949 or bedford@marvellousmindstuition.co.uk. 
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