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Since the start of the Covid pandemic an increasing number of families have taken their children out of school in favour of homeschooling meaning what was already a large number of homeschooled children in the UK is increasing even more. These children, along with other students who are not attending mainstream school for a variety of reasons such as bullying, exclusion and special educational needs, will therefore need to find an alternative setting in which to take their exams and gain their GCSE and A level qualifications. 
This year, the exam situation for GCSE and A level students looks different again due to the pandemic. Instead of conventional exams, students will rely on teacher-assessed assignments such as essays and other coursework, mock exams and possibly questions set by the exam boards in determining their grades. 
This has caused concern for many of the families who for one reason or another have children who are not on a school roll. These students run the risk of being excluded from the current assessment process as they do not have direct access to teacher assessment and many are struggling to find an exam centre able, or willing, to take them on. 
Last year many students who were not affiliated with a school or college were left without a grade as they could not be given the teacher assessed grades they needed. Parents and students of private candidates are now understandably worried about a repeat of last year. 
At Marvellous Minds Tuition we are aware that education looks different to different people and we want to ensure that all students, regardless of circumstances and educational set-up, has access to the resources needed to gain the qualifications which will enable them to meet their educational goals, progress in their education and professional careers. As such we are going through the process of becoming a registered exam centre. Students will be able to take their GCSE and A level exams with us from November 2021 with the main exam boards; AQA, OCR, Edexcel and Cambridge International. Our exam centre will offer a calm, friendly and empathetic environment for students to take these exams and we will ensure all students have access to a fair examination process. This includes processing access arrangements where necessary. 
For this year's GCSEs and A levels, we have partnered up with another exam centre to be able to offer private candidates in the Bedfordshire area and further afield the opportunity for teacher-assessed assignments. If you are a private candidate who is looking for an exam centre this year or next, do not hesitate to give us a call on 01234 480 949 to discuss your requirements. 
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