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A level and GCSE exams next year are likely to be adjusted to reflect the widespread disruption to students' learning caused by the pandemic the education secretary Gavin Williamson has said. 
Exams in 2022 will need changing to avoid students be disadvantaged Mr Williamson said. Students in year 10 and Year 12 have suffered disruption as a result of school closures due to the pandemic and Williamson has argued that it will be impossible to "immediately switch back" to the way in which exams were structured and executed pre pandemic.  
Some changes which might apply to the 2022 exam series include things such as a narrower list of subjects tested, pushing back exam dates to allow for more teaching and considering ways to reflect the fact that students will inevitably have covered different amounts of their curricula. 
Some of these changes to exams have already been implemented to this year's 'teacher-assessed grades' system and it remains to be seen what the effect is in terms of student grades. Some have argued that the teacher assessed grades route will inevitably result in a grade inflation but although grades have already been submitted to exam boards until the moderation process has finished data will not be released on student grades. 
It will no doubt be interesting to see how this year's grading system has worked for students and what next academic year has in store. We would love to hear your thoughts on exams in 2022. Do you think they will go ahead? And what are some of the changes you feel are important to be made to the exam process to reflect the widespread disruption to education caused by the pandemic? 
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