Coronavirus and impact on education
On the 11th March 2020, The World Health Organisation (WHO) categorised COVID-19 as a pandemic, with Europe declared as the new epicentre of the outbreak. As a result of this, counties across the world, including here in the UK, are experiencing closures to their schools and workplaces. Since these drastic closures have never been experienced before, the majority are understandably left worried about the impact this pandemic will have upon their child’s education. With school cancelled for the foreseeable future and uncertainty ahead, it is important to maintain normality and routine to your child’s education as much as possible. But the question remains, how can we ensure the well being and education of our children are not compromised? 

How to prevent disruption to education: 

If your child is in self-isolation, you may be finding it stressful to keep them entertained and educated. The biggest challenge you will face is motivation. Here are some tips to help promote positive and effective temporary education from home; 
- Communicate with your child’s usual educator(s). Any professional in education should be understanding and willing to help your child during this concerning time. Perhaps they can provide you with some work or suggest other suitable resources you could use. 
- Maintain some form of routine. Encourage children to work to their normal school hours as much as possible. This will avoid disruption and help promote good mental health. 
- If possible, investigate the option of tuition. Online tuition is a great option under these circumstances. Involving a professional in education will mean the task is less daunting to both you and your child. Your child will also feel connected, and their education will then regain its relevance. 
- Avoid too much screen time. Encourage activities such as reading, story writing, painting, baking, playing instruments or anything else that will engage and entertain your children. 

How to help your child with feelings of anxiety: 

We are living through a very new experience to us all. It is normal for everyone to feel some level of anxiety towards the current situation. As adults, it may be slightly easier for us to rationalise with our anxieties; however, for lots of children this can sometimes be an impossible task. Children will be hearing scary statistics and unfamiliar vocabulary surrounding coronavirus basically 24/7. On top of this, lots of young people now face uncertainty about their exams and future plans. Here are some ways to help your child through this hard time; 
- Speak to your children honestly and factually about the virus. Use reputable sources such as the NHS or WHO to reveal the facts about the situation, rather than relaying fake news and scary statistics. 
- Do not project your anxiety or stress on to your children. This can be difficult, however remaining calm and reassuring will rub off on your children and make them feel more at ease. 
- Ensure your children have a break from reading, seeing or hearing information about the outbreak. Switch off the TV, the radio and monitor social media usage. Help your children to focus on something else, as constantly absorbing information about a crisis can be upsetting. 
- Stick to routine as much as possible and encourage your children to take care of themselves. Good sleep, healthy food and exercise are very important at this time! 
- Ensure your children remain well connected. If possible, allow them to speak to their friends regularly over the phone/skype. Reassure your child that they can speak to you about any of their concerns. Listen to them carefully and remain understanding. 
- Make sure they are doing lots of activities they enjoy. This will keep them distracted from over thinking and worrying. Who knows, this time at home could be a good opportunity for your children to find some new hobbies! 

How can Marvellous Minds support your child’s learning? 

Following government guidelines, we have had to close our tuition centre, as the safety of our students and their families is of upmost importance to us. We are, however, providing online support to our clients and the wider population during this difficult time. We understand that many students and their families are worried about disruption to education – our wish is to minimise this disruption as much as possible! We are offering remote online learning and specially curated revision packs for children aged 5-16. If you would like more information regarding our tuition and resources, please do get in contact with us as we would love to help! 
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