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With one in four secondary school students now accessing tuition it can be hard to decide which route to take for your child. Do you choose small group tuition, or one to one support? Both have benefits, but which one is really better? 
One to one tuition involves a student and a teacher and provides an individualised way of teaching. Even though this gives your child the maximum attention it also lacks in many aspects when compared to small group tuition. 
Group tuition can often be misperceived as a large number of children being taught by one teacher when in fact that is often not the case. At Marvellous Minds we offer small classes with one or more tutor teaching. The small class sizes (usually a ratio of one tutor per four children) give students the opportunity to receive individual attention while they also enjoy the benefits of interacting with like minded peers.Another aspect when considering tuition for your child is the cost. One to one tuition tends to be very costly while small group tuition is more affordable and at certain tuition centres such as Marvellous Minds parents can use childcare vouchers and working tax credits towards the tuition, making it even more affordable. 

At Marvellous Minds we specialise in Maths, English and Science Tuition for students aged 5 to 16. 

Students work with exceptional private tutors to help develop their skills and confidence. 
Private Tuition Bedford
It is also worth considering what the different dynamics of teaching one to one versus small group tuition can offer students. Private tuition allows students to focus on whatever topic they need help with, at a pace that is optimum for their learning. This can certainly aid many students in their learning and is particularly beneficial for those with learning difficulties. However in our experience students who study in small groups tend to become very good at independent and analytical thinking rather than being spoon fed information as they are engaging with other students and being exposed to different arguments and ways of thinking. 
This is particularly useful when it comes to critical thinking and debating which are cornerstones of academia at every stage of a child's education. 
One to one tuition also lacks in providing an environment for healthy competition which small group tuition does offer. In small tuition groups students engage with other students, often in interactive tasks, which can contribute to healthy competition. This is particularly useful when preparing for exams such as the 11 plus. 
Both one to one and small group tuition offer tailored support, yet deciding which route to take can be challenging. We believe that offering tailored support in small groups offer the most effective way for your child to learn. 
Our tutors are specialists in their fields and we aim to provide a welcoming and nurturing learning environment. If you want to know more about our tuition options please contact us to discuss. 
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