Back to School in Bedford
September – the dreaded month, which was once in the distance, has now arrived and it is time for all the children and young people to go back to school. This transition can be challenging but with the right preparation families can take control. Here are some tips on how you can be prepared. 
Back to school means earlier bedtimes. It can be challenging for children and young people to transition from going to bed later and waking up later, to arising early and going to bed earlier. Be prepared for this by starting the transition a few days before, slowly making their bedtimes school appropriate. Good sleep is important, so ensure you schedule appropriate bedtimes for your child. 
During the summer months children and young people are less likely to eat at set scheduled times. It is important to get your child food ready when is comes to back to school, as there will be set mealtimes coming. A few days before start to think about eating at set times similar to that of their school day to prepare them for what is to come. 
Morning Routine 
Morning routines can be manic if not prepared for. Talk to your child and discuss what is expected of them. Prepare all clothing and book bags the night before. Being prepared means in the morning there is less to do and less to go wrong. 
With the back to school comes the homework. It is important to relay expectations of homework to your child, and how much their school will be setting them. Schedule time into the day which includes a slot for homework to ensure that your child knows this is an expectation. 
Ok so your little people might feel nervous or anxious about going back to school. Whatever emotion they are feeling is normal – talk to them about it. Even us adults can feel nervous about going into a new job. By discussing what your child is thinking can help them feel more at ease and realise that everyone feels this way. 
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