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We provide educational services to a range of schools and local authorities from our Ofsted registered tuition centre, helping students with a wide range of needs receive an outstanding education in a small, safe and empathetic environment. Our flexible service includes both one-to-one tuition, small group classes, or a mixture of both. We provide quality feedback after each session of tuition. We cater to each child's individual needs; our tailored tuition programme can take place on or off-site, during or outside of school hours and for as few or as many hours as required. We are able to make the most of your budget, whilst tailoring a programme specifically to your needs.  
Students are also able to take exams with us, both GCSE and A levels, outside of school. Contact us on 01234 480 949 for more information. 
Examples of types of students who have benefited from our alternative provision include 
Students with Special Educational Needs 
Students who are homeschooled 
Students who are non-native English speakers/students who have recently arrived to the country 
Students at risk of becoming permanently excluded from school or students who have been excluded from school 
Pupils with mental health issues who are unable to attend mainstream school 
Pupils who have been bullied at their previous school 
Pupils who have been taken out of school due to the Covid pandemic  
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Marvellous Minds Tuition Bedford

Pupil Premium Funding  

With our extensive experience, we are able to deliver our flexible tuition programme, funded by Pupil Premium, to schools across Bedfordshire.  
We provide schools with experienced and passionate tutors who work closely with students, allowing them to reach their full potential and bridging attainment gaps within education.  
Short term, our tutors are able to prepare selected students for their exams. Long term, we can work closely with students throughout the academic year, delivering an extensive education programme.  
We pride ourselves on being the perfect solution for both Students and School Leaders, delivering top quality education, whilst also maximising a specific budget.  

Alternative Provision 

Here at Marvellous Minds we appreciate that due to various factors, certain students can sometimes find themselves at risk of exclusion, or have already been permanently excluded.  
Our team of understanding and engaging tutors are able to provide quality education to those who students who are missing out on school. We are able to provide tuition within our centre in Bedford, at the students home, or at any other suitable venue.  
We will provide regular and thorough feedback as the child progresses through their education.  
For more information please call us on 01234 480949 or click below to contact us 
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