Private Tuition Courses

Our Tuition Courses 

Maths and English Club (Reception to Year 6) 

Perfect for Primary aged children (5-12 years old). A fun and engaging class, guaranteed to give your child that extra boost. This class can be dedicated to either subject, or split equally between the two. 

SATS Prep (Year 6) 

Specifically designed to cover all key content for Maths and English SATS examinations. Students will also focus on their exam technique with regular practice.  

11+ Preparation (Year 4 and 5) 

Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. These sessions can be tailored towards a specific entrance exam. Children will learn and revise all of the necessary topics required for their entrance exams. Children will also learn specific skills and practice their exam technique. 

Secondary Success (Year 7 and 8) 

Our classes bridge the gap between Primary and Secondary education, helping your child to succeed. Students study English, Maths and Science in line with the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum. 

Pre-GCSE (Year 9) 

Specifically designed courses to ease students through the transition from Key Stage 3 to GCSE. Students can study Maths, English and Science. 

GCSE (Year 10 and 11) 

Our classes are suitable for students sitting both higher and foundation GCSE exams, across a range of exam boards. Students can study Maths, English (Language and Literature) and Science. 

GCSE Revision (Year 10 and 11) 

Our GCSE revision is designed to allow students to bring in their own work, or trouble shoot specific topics with one of our GCSE tutors.  
"My favourite thing about coming to Marvellous Minds is learning Maths because I love it! Marvellous Minds has 100% helped me to improve!" (Zaynah, aged 11)  
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