Science Tuition  

Marvellous Minds Tuition offer science for students from key stage 2 to key stage 4 (GCSEs). Our science tutors offer Biology, Chemistry and Physics tuition to help improve confidence and grades. Covering key topics on the national curriculum as well as exam technique practice, students who attend our science classes are equipped with a solid scientific knowledge. 
Our Marvellous Minds learning method includes a combination of theoretical topics covered in class as well as exam technique practice to apply the skills learnt. We find that this ensures that students are given the right support to become effective learners. 
Science Tutor Bedford

Science Tutors 

Our science tutors are engaging in their teaching approach and cover topics in a dynamic way. A lesson on the structure of cells might start with looking at images of cells and a group discussion on what cells are, where they can be found and the history behind the discovery of cells. Students may work in pairs to begin to explore cell theory, using images to reignite their understanding of cell structure. Here students will learn that all living things are made of cells and be given cards with items to categorise as being something that is living or something that is not living.  
Students will be given material to read and watch to further deepen their understanding of cell theory and the associated scientists, before given the opportunity to assess and prove mastery of the concepts they have learnt. The assessment might come in the form of work sheets with multiple answers as well as open-ended questions to really help students understand and show off their understanding of the topics learnt. 

Science Lessons 

Our science lessons help students with process-oriented, exploratory work expected for younger year groups as well as a more conceptualised approach to science. We want to ensure that our science lessons offer plenty of opportunity for a student centred and active learning experience. 
At every stage of the science lessons at Marvellous Minds Tuition Centre, our Science tutors are on hand to help students engage with and understand the science topics learnt. Our small classes offer the perfect balance between individual attention from the science tutor and group discussion and interaction with other students. Our individualised approach means that we can cover specific areas that students need help with or even look beyond the curriculum for a certain year group for those students who need to be challenged and stretched academically. 
For more information on Science Tuition or for a FREE assessment simply call us on 01234 480949 or click below to contact us. 
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