Maths Tuition  

Marvellous Minds Tuition offers Maths tuition to students across all ages and ability range. 

In our experience, maths is a subject many students struggle with. There are a number of reasons why a child might find maths difficult. Sometimes it is because of a learning difficulty such as dyspraxia or dyscalculia and other times it might stem from low motivation or confidence, a difficulty in contextualising maths problems or a lack of the basics needed to solve mathematical operations. Whatever the reason may be, our tutors have years of experience in helping students build the necessary skills and confidence to enjoy and do well in maths! 
Maths Tutor Bedford

Maths Tutors 

Using our own teaching resources developed by our team of maths specialists, our maths tuition is fully aligned with the national curriculum and meets requirements of entrance exams such as the 11 plus. Our small classes and individualised teaching approach offer students the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Our maths tutors use a multi-sensory approach to teaching using verbal explanations, on the board explanations as well as various teaching prompts such as clocks, counters, number lines and flash cards. 

Maths Resources 

The teaching resources we use are fun and interactive and students are given booklets to take home for homework, should they want it. The work gets marked and feedback is given in the next lesson to ensure that the topic taught is consolidated. Some key primary topics include; the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), algebra, angles, shape, space and measure and roman numerals. At secondary level some key topics covered are algebra, probability and statistics. Our maths tutors are also familiar with the different exam boards at GCSE and A level and will work through past papers with students in our GCSE and A level courses to teach maths exam techniques, in addition to the theoretical concepts, and show students how to achieve top marks in the exam. 

Private Maths Tuition 

Many students who seek support in maths lack confidence in their abilities. Our friendly team of maths tutors work with each child to help build their confidence by covering basics where needed from which to further build upon and going through concepts as many times as needed for the student. Our private maths learners thrive in our supported learning environment and are able to meet their learning needs, whether that is to feel more confident at school or get the best grades in upcoming exams. 
We would recommend giving us a call to discuss your child's private maths learning needs and how we can help. We also offer a free assessment with feedback (for primary school students) or a trial lesson (for secondary school students) which allows a student to get a feel for the teaching and structure of the math lesson. 
For more information on our Maths Tuition or for a FREE assessment simply call us on 01234 480949 or click below to contact us. 
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