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The number of students and families choosing homeschooling in the UK has risen by nearly 40% in the last three years. At Marvellous Minds we offer a bespoke home schooling programme to meet your child's individual learning needs. 
Home Schooling Tuition, Bedford
Marvellous Minds Tuition, Bedford

Why Choose Us for Homeschooling? 

Here at Marvellous Minds Tuition Centres, we offer a unique home schooling programme that is flexible and tailored to each student. Our clients have the option of blending our monthly after school memberships with private one-one tuition at our centre, or in some instances our small daytime homeschooling groups, for any subject required.  
Our students receive the social and academic benefits of learning in a school-like environment. However, our class sizes are far smaller, students receive one-one support, individualised learning and our tutors are far more accessible.  
Our centres are bright, friendly and often less intimidating to students that may not be ideally suited to traditional schooling.  

Benefits of Homeschooling at Marvellous Minds Tuition 

- Flexible timetable that can be adapted to the student's needs at any time. 
- Individually tailored tuition to suit a student's learning needs and style. 
- Full support on adjusting to a new routine/'deschooling'. 
- All materials are provided by the centre. Additional books suggested by the tutor can be purchased on your behalf. 
- Management will be a consistent point of contact during opening hours. 
- Small class sizes guarantee individual attention from the tutor, whilst still offering the benefits of small group dynamics, such as interaction with peers. 
- Regular parent contact with tutors, including; a catch up after every lesson, contact via email or telephone and regular meetings that can be booked upon request. 

Recommended Homeschooling Lessons 

Daytime Lessons 
After School Lessons 
Reception - Year 3 
Private or Small group tuition in our daytime homeschooling groups. 
Small group classes in our Maths & English club. 
Recommended Hours 
Minimum of 6 per week (2 hours per core subject) 
Two 1 hour 15 minute sessions 
Year 4 - Year 5 
Private or small group tuition in our daytime homeschooling groups 
Maths & English Club or our 11+ classes (depending on level). 
Recommended Hours 
Minimum of 6 per week (5 hours per subject). 
Two classes per week (maths & English). 
Year 6 
Private or small group tuition in our daytime home schooling groups. 
Year 6 classes covering entire National Curriculum, SATs prep. 
Recommended Hours 
Minimum of 6 per week (2 hours per subject). 
Two classes per week (Maths & English). 
Year 7 - Year 11 
Private or small group tuition in our daytime homeschooling groups 
Secondary Success, Pre GCSE or GCSE Classes 
Recommended Hours 
Minimum of 6 per week (2 hours per subject). 
Three classes per week (Maths, English & Science). 

When and where do the homeschooling lessons take place? 

We usually recommend a mix of private tuition and class lessons for homeschooling students at our centre. Private tuition is entirely flexible and tends to take place in the morning/daytime during the week. Our class lessons follow our usual timetable, so take place in the afternoon/evening and on weekends. 
The suggested schedule is entirely flexible depending on the needs and aims of the student. Some students tent to ease themselves into a regular timetable when starting with us, slowly increasing their hours over time.  
Once we have established a student's level in a certain subject, and discussed their academic goals and plans for further study, we will suggest a timetable. We can also make further adjustments based on the tutor's suggestions and the student's level/progression in a certain subject once the tuition is underway.  
There is regular homework set in all of the subjects studied, and tutor's will review completed homework and help students where necessary.  
Term Dates 
We tend to follow the National Academic Calendar for our home school students, particularly for students aiming to re enter mainstream schooling. However, this is entirely flexible and up to your own discretion if you would like to continue lessons throughout holiday periods. 

What would my child's homeschooling timetable look like? 

This student's timetable demonstrates a blend of one to one tuition during the daytime, and our small group GCSE tuition classes in the evening.  
This timetable includes 2 hours of one to one tuition for the three core subjects, Maths, English and Science, as well as the optional subjects of French and Psychology. The student also attends 1 hour of Class tuition per core subject.  
We offer a wide range of optional subjects, delivered as one to one tuition, or in some cases daytime homeschooling groups, by our qualified and passionate tutors.  
Additional subjects can be added to a student's timetable as their education with us progresses.  
Tuition Centre Bedford

A Typical Timetable for a Homeschooling Student 

Here is an example timetable for a GCSE Student, taking Maths, English, Science, French and Psychology. 
Home schooling Bedford Timetable

Arrange a parent/carer meeting with us to find out more about your own bespoke and flexible homeschooling solution.  Create your own package which bests meets the needs of your child.  

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